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About company

Uniting the best protective-coating professionals in Central and Eastern Europe, the Litnobiles UAB group of companies provides the latest technological solutions to help protect company assets from corrosion and other negative external effects. We are currently the only company in the Baltic states able to overcome the most difficult challenges that customers face at all stages of metal treatment and maintenance. As a professional technical consultancy, our anti-corrosion experts not only find solutions to individual issues, but also offer globally recognised anti-corrosive coatings and equipment. Therefore, our customers always receive high-quality and sustainable results.

Our vision

A strong and competitive Lithuanian economy.

Our mission

To provide solutions that add value to Lithuanian business.

Our goals

  • Form and unite the community of protective-coating professionals;
  • Offer the latest in protective-coating technology and equipment;
  • Conduct training sessions and provide relevant information about protecting metal and wood surfaces;
  • Protect customer assets.

Our values

  • Quality: we pick out and supply only the best products from selected manufacturers;
  • Environmental protection: we use only environmentally friendly protective coatings;
  • Customer focus: we adapt to the changing market and customer needs;
  • Experience: protective coatings and equipment present means for our team to solve your problems.